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Kitchen Refrigerator Storage Box Organizer Food Container

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★KEEP MOISTURE INSIDE. The key to storing fruits and veggies for freezing is to keep moisture inside the container and air outside. Contact with air can cause changes in flavor and color. Pack fruit and vegetables in storage box containers, and force out as much air as possible. Wrap freezer bags in heavy-duty foil and seal with freezer tape. Stay away from plastic sandwich bags, which are not heavy-duty enough.

★TIME TO ORGANIZE YOUR FRIDGE. Most people are storing foods like a mess in the fridge or freezer, it makes foods quickly rotten, broken, not enough nutrients for your daily diet. Check the picture above to see the difference between a messy fridge and an organized fridge using our food storage containers. Very easy to organize this storage box, all you have to do is put foods, fruits, veggies into storage box, close the lid and put into the fridge.

★FRIENDLY PRODUCT. The product is made of high-quality Eco-friendly plastic material, been proved BPA free. Transparent, no smell, no harmful, ensuring long-term using.



Dimension: 31x16x15.6 cm (12.2x6.3x6.1 inch)
Type: storage box
Material: plastic
Capacity: 12L
Load: 10 kg
Function: store food, vegetable, eggs,beans


Package Included:

1x storage box

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